My life before being empowered by Louise Hay's philosophies was a struggle.  Late 2015 I was struggling with major health issues with Emphysema and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  I was angry at my poor health and angry at myself to the point I had really had enough.  I felt lifeless, low and wanted to blame and get angry at anyone for anything who wouldn't help me cope through it.  During this time also I was grieving from the loss of my Beautiful Mother to dementia.

I was given a beautiful precious gift of Louise Hay Cards. These cards gave me the small stepping stones to put life back in my soul.  I was now on the road to recovery with self love in Body, Mind and Soul. I purchased a month later "You Can Heal Your Life" book which really started my transformation to a beautiful life.

My life is a beautiful journey of self love and beautiful affirmations that create the life of my dreams.  I aspire to empower you to create the life you want with Louise Hay's positive philosophies and healing techniques. 

After my life changing experience with Louise Hay Philosophies, I yearned to inspire others to be their own beautiful selves and create the life of their dreams. Positive and beautiful changes in my own life are so beautiful, delightful and inspiring,  I shine with divine love and happiness.

I had a dream... I chased it!    I had a vision... I created it!  

I become a Registered & Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher, Life Coach and Teen Facilitator in 2016 through Heal Your Life Seminars Training provided by Susie Mulholland, approved by Louise Hay & Hay House.

I brought my Beautiful to Life and I'll love to guide you to 

Bring Your Beautiful to Life


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